Botanical Oasis doing business as EZ Does It


Our mission is to create and bring to light the highest quality all-natural botanicals on Earth and to distribute them worldwide, increasing the quality of life for everyone for many years to come.


For centuries people have suffered from pain, depression, anxiety, stress and a lack of energy, as well as the often-debilitating symptoms of disease including cancer, arthritis, and epilepsy. Adding insult to injury, medical science has relentlessly pushed an overwhelming variety of more complex and more expensive drugs that usually come with more harmful side effects than benefits.

For decades, science and health professionals have studied the health benefits of natural herbs such as the cannabis plant and kratom tree and now, after years of legal debates and strict regulatory guidelines, the public can turn to organize cures like CBD, kratom, kava and other products to end the cycle of drugs and man-made chemicals.

Stores selling herbal/natural products have sprung up at an unprecedented rate to supply millions of eager customers, and someone has to supply those retail outlets.

Botanical Oasis had grown from a one-man operation which Jay Garris ran from the trunk of his car, to the fastest growing herbal distributor in North Carolina and is quickly becoming one of the biggest in the United States. We have taken North Carolina by storm, changing people’s lives for the better by putting Kratom on the map!

Botanical Oasis operates two retail stores, SmokeSmart and Smokeville and EZ Does It Wholesale, all three located in Winterville, N.C.